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Solution Focus

An Emotional Differentiation Approach: a brain based way of working with young people


Social Pedagogy

The understanding of Social Pedagogy is growing in the UK. A grass roots movement has been created...


Bay View Childcare

We at Bay View Childcare believe all young people that are deemed to be challenging and are looking for a comfortable & caring environment will be able to work towards achieving better outcomes.

Our purpose is to provide a therapeutic & nurturing environment that will enable the young people in our care to experience happier times and work towards a brighter more prosperous future.

On providing an extensive care package and working closely with established working relationships with all multi-agencies, each young person will have the opportunity to strive and achieve in their own personal goals.

Bay View has acquired an in house educational tutor who is able to deliver a wide range of curriculum subjects designed to meet the need of each individual young person.

We are able to provide a range of work experience opportunities and have provisions available to support the young people moving towards and through independence.

At Bay View Childcare we have a firm belief that all young people deserve to be supported through independence and into adult life. Once the young people have established a clear understanding of independence and been given the skills required to survive, they will then have more confidence and ability to succeed. All young people will work towards their own individual pathway plans to help them develop a positive future.