Childcare Aims

1) To identify the needs of each individual in terms of their emotional, Social and educational welfare

2) To enable emotionally and behaviourally damaged young people to develop more positive emotions and behaviours.

3) To enable young people to make positive relationships with adults and their peers.

4) To repair any damage or deficit in a child’s development.

5) To provide an environment where young people can have positive experiences of childhood.

6) To provide an environment where young people can express themselves freely and openly.

7) To provide an environment that is conducive to the restorative process of healing.

8) To enable young people to ‘move on’; either to return to their families, to live in an alternative family setting, or to live independently in the community.

9) To provide education in house when necessary with support from a qualified professional teacher.

10) To also educate the young people around issues of alcohol & Substance misuse through preventative work with our in house alcohol and substance misuse worker.